friend to the environment

We use 100% natural, non-toxic, biodegradable, vegan, hypoallergenic, non-petroleum based products. No harsh chemicals, no scents, no dyes. Everyone benefits.

100% Vegan

We love animals. With a myriad of cleaning product options available today, it is difficult to justify using a cleaner that is derived from or was tested on animals. It's easy to make the ethical choice and get sparkling results at the same time.

100% Natural and Non-toxic

This term is thrown around a lot by the cleaning product industry and used loosely at best. The real difference between a product touted as natural and a truly natural cleaning product you could make from your vegetable garden, is how toxic it is. All of our products have a rating of A on the Environmental Working Group database.


Our products are so harmless that you can even eat some of them (although we wouldn't recommend it). A real concern with most cleaning products, however, is the way they affect aquatic life when flushed down the drain. If they do not biodegrade fast enough, they can harm fish by attacking the natural oils in their mucus membranes, stopping their gills from working properly, disrupting their endocrine system and increasing their risk of attack from other chemicals in the water. We only use degreasers that have undergone rigorous testing and achieved Ecologo Certification. For more information on what the Ecologo Standards are, you can download UL's free pdf entitled, "UL 2792 Biologically-based Cleaning and Degreasing Compounds" on their website.


If anyone in your household has allergies, you will appreciate that we use products that are safe for use as cosmetics as well as house cleaners. We also choose products that are natural deodorizers and safe for your air. We choose not to use scents in our products because a truly clean house has no scent at all.