employee respect

It is truly unfortunate that the employment practices of the cleaning industry are often exploitive and in many cases illegal. If your service is charging you $15 per hour, and minimum wage is $15 per hour, you can safely surmise that the service is exploiting its employees. Often these employees are not legally able to work in Canada and accept much lower than minimum wage in cash payments. They are subjected to long hours and deplorable working conditions because they don't have an alternative. A step up from that is being paid minimum wage often as a "freelance contractor". This is an all too common practice that allows companies to squeeze larger profits by charging around $20/hour for essentially doing nothing while the cleaning employees do all of the work and assume all of the liability and receive none of the minimum labour requirements of the Employment Standards Act in Ontario like CPP, vacation pay, vacation time, statutory holiday pay, sick pay, WSIB and other benefits.

Clear Cause Cleaners was created to fight these exploitative practices. Our goal is help people as much as possible. We believe that happy employees are exceptional employees and provide the best service quality. We start by hiring survivors of domestic abuse in order to provide them with employment and a fresh start at a crucial stage of their lives. We pay them $15 an hour for job time and provide them with the benefits of employment in Ontario as well as performance based bonuses. By putting our employees first, we are able to offer the best quality cleaning for your home at just the right price. 

When comparing services, we highly suggest asking companies how much they pay their employees. If clients start asking, companies will be forced to become more accountable for their actions. You have a choice and by choosing to purchase from companies that are not exploitative, we all benefit. Clear Cause Cleaners offers our clients peace of mind knowing that their purchasing habits are having a positive social effect for survivors of domestic abuse as well as the community and the environment.