clear cause cleaners
for the community

Clear Cause began as a community group founded in November 2014 by the owner of Clear Cause Cleaners, Carly Romano. Its purpose was to engage Torontonians in improving their community by voting on community projects. Clear Cause completed a project Assisting the Elderly and Disabled with free snow removal service as well as cleaning litter from the beach.

In order to keep funding consistent, we wanted to create a social enterprise company and assist as many people as possible. When we considered the unfair hurdles that survivors of abuse experience in seeking employment, our goal became clear. Our aim is to employ survivors of abuse while serving the community at the same time. The result was Clear Cause Cleaners.

In addition to hiring many of our employees from domestic abuse and human trafficking shelters, we use 10% of our profits to fund the charitable projects in the community that Clear Cause would do. Turning Clear Cause into Clear Cause Cleaners allows us to operate more quickly and efficiently than a registered charity. A registered charity needs to devote large amounts of donations towards fundraising, while we do not. When a decision needs to be made, a registered charity is required to seek approval with the Board of Directors, while we do not. In this way, Clear Cause Cleaners can keep costs low and focus solely on its intended purpose – serving the community.

When you have your home cleaned by Clear Cause Cleaners, 10% of the profits from your bill directly improves the lives of Torontonians in need.