Toronto Star Investigation Part 3: The Pimps and Johns

One sex worker had a client who said he was a judge in Toronto...Another sex worker was seeing a john regularly who one day called her, said he was a police officer and warned her of a raid on the hotel she was prostituting out of.

Continuing the Toronto Star's Investigation into human trafficking. Part 3: The Pimps and the Johns. The people sworn to protect victims of human trafficking are the ones taking advantage of them.

It should also be noted that Deiaco, the accused pimp, mentions:

A woman, if she wants to make money off it, she shouldn't have to go to jail, or somebody that's helping her. It's her life. It's her body. Why should anybody be getting into trouble?

The Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act (passed in November 2014) no longer allows prostitutes to be arrested. It is only the pimps and johns that can be arrested. So the law respects "her life" and "her body", but not his right to use her life and her body as he pleases.

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photo credit: Melissa Renwick/Toronto Star

photo credit: Melissa Renwick/Toronto Star